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MOT & Service




Computers need regular maintenance, not only for the software but also for hardware.  If your computer has been on the floor, in a smoky or dusty environment, or even if it hasn’t been serviced in some time dirt can gather on the fans, and fan grills reducing the air flow and causing your computer to run hotter than it should.  Computers are designed to operate in cool temperatures; the hotter the components get the slower the machine will run. During the MOT we clean all the fans & remove dust from components before we begin on the software.  Software installed on your computer can become outdated, new security files released by Microsoft may not be downloaded, viruses & spyware can run amok even if you have antivirus installed. We check all security installed, update all necessary files and programs, install a high acclaimed, yet free anti virus and spyware removing program. We remove any unnecessary programs and reduce the computers number of running processes when needed. We also scan and remove viruses and spy ware infection, remove temporary files, and defragment the hard disk.  A complete service for your computer. Regular maintenance ensures your computer will continue to operate at peak performance, with the @ Cyber Café PC MOT you will see your machines running like new again.

Free Anti-Virus Install & Scans
Free Anti-Spyware & Anti Malware
Free Firewall (optional)
Windows Security Updates & Service Packs
Cleaning of Temp Files
Streamlining the Start-up
Hard Drive and RAM tests
Cleaning of Fans